Pennsylvania Orphans’ Court — Rule 1

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 — Judges – Local Rules —


Pa. O.C. Rule 1.1. Powers of Judges.

___Any judge of an Orphans’ Court Division, whether or not it consists of more than one judge, may hear and determine all matters jurisdiction of which is exercised through the Orphans’ Court Division.

[Supreme Court Committee Comment: This is the same as the first sentence of Section 731 of the Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code. The Judiciary Act Repealer Act repeals Section 731 effective June 27, 1980. This addition to the Supreme Court Rules is intended to clarify the situation as it will exist after June 27, 1980.]

[Adopted April 26, 1979, effective August 1, 1979.]


Pa. O.C. Rule 1.2. Local Rules.

___The Orphans’ Courts of the several judicial districts of this Commonwealth may adopt local rules regulating practice and procedure, but such rules shall not be inconsistent with any rule adopted by the Supreme Court of this Commonwealth or any Act of Assembly regulating the practice and procedure in the Orphans’ Courts of this Commonwealth.

[Supreme Court Committee Comment: This is substantially identical to what formerly was Rule 1. before the addition of Rule 1.1.]

[Renumbered and amended April 26, 1979, effective August 1, 1979.]


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