Estate Information Form Revisions

The Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee has proposed removing the Estate Information Form, RW-01 (REV-346) from the index and appendix of Register of Wills forms.

The report of the committee states that the form is a Department of Revenue form and not a Supreme Court form and was included in the appendix of Register of Wills forms for the convenience of the public.  However, the form was revised in November 2015 and, rather than updating the appendix in response to changes made by the Department of Revenue, the recommendation is to remove the form from the appendix and the Unified Judicial System website and instead direct the public to the Department of Revenue website.

“Proposed Amendment of the Index and Appendix of Orphans’ Court and Register of Wills Forms,” 48 Pa.B. 486 (1/20/2018).

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