New Proposed Rule (and Form) for Testimony on Incapacity

The Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee has published a revised new O.C. Rule 14.3, and a new Form G-05, relating to expert reports on incapacity in guardianship proceedings in lieu of in-court testimony or depositions.  This new proposed rule and form will replace the Rule 14.3 and Form G-05 that were published on 8/19/2017, 47 Pa.B. 4815, as part of a new Chapter 14 of the O.C. Rules, which in turn were revisions to rules that were proposed in December of 201646 Pa.B. 7934.

The Explanatory Report that has been published along with the revised rule provides a summary of the prior proposals and the changes made in the most recent revisions.

The deadline for comments is October 23, 2017.

“Proposed Adoption of New Pa. O.C. Rule 14.3, Form G-05 and Amendment of Index to Appendix,” 47 Pa.B. 5930 (9/23/2017).



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