Counsel Fees for Vexatious and Obdurate Adoption Litigation

After allowing revocation of biological mother’s consent to adoption by biological father and his wife, and after appeals by the father to the Superior Court (which directed calculation of counsel fees) and Supreme Court, the Orphans’ Court considered counsel fees and cost for both biological mother’s attorney and for the guardian ad litem (for the minor) provided by the county; having found the biological father’s (and wife’s) actions to be vexatious and obdurate litigants, the court denied the fees and cost for the guardian, because the request was not timely, and granted counsel fees and costs for the attorney of the biological mother for $86,404.44.  Baby Girl GD, In re, 3 Fid. Rep. 3d 421 (O.C. Montgomery 2013) (Ott, J.)

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