Revocable Trust Modified by Later Marriage

Declaratory judgment was appropriate to hold that second spouse, who had not elected against will executed before her marriage to the decedent, was entitled to an intestate share of the decedent’s revocable trust which was also executed before marriage, and that the decedent’s residence was owned entirely by a trust of the deceased first spouse, the decedent having disclaimed his survivorship rights to half of the property following the first spouse’s death and then later conveyed his remaining one half interest to the trust.  Kulig Trust, 5 Fid. Rep. 3d 93 (O.C. Bucks Co. 2014) (Memorandum opinion by Fritsch, J.), aff’d 131 A.3d 494, 2015 PA Super 271, No. 2891 EDA 2014 (12/24/2015), rev. and remanded 97 MAP 2016, (Pa. 12/19/2017).

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