New Guardianship Form for Expert Testimony

The Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee has proposed a new O.C. Rule 14.6, and a new form, relating to written depositions in guardianship proceedings.

As the committee report explains, expert testimony in guardianship proceedings is authorized by statute, 20 Pa.C.S. § 5518, but the form for this testimony has varied by county.  The proposed form would become a mandatory statewide form to be used by each and every evaluator who is providing testimony by deposition regarding the capacity of an alleged incapacitated person where incapacity is uncontested.

Comments on the new rule and form may be submitted by email to, or by U.S. Mail to the address provided in the report.  Any comments should be submitted by June 20, 2016.

The report also notes that the committee “continues its efforts to develop more comprehensive statewide rules and forms for guardianship proceedings.”

Proposed Adoption of New Pa.O.C. Rule 14.6 and Form G-05, 46 Pa.B. 2306 (5/7/16).

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