Filing Fee Increases (Acts 40 and 44 of 2017)

The Supreme Court has entered an order adopting new financial regulations that will increase the statutory fee for a grant of letters by the Register of Wills, and for petitions filed with the Orphans’ Court for adoptions, incapacitated persons’ estates, minors’ estates, and inter vivos trusts, from $14.25 to $17.00, along with an increase in the Judicial Computer System fee from $21.25 to $23.25, effective immediately.  Judicial Administration Docket No. 492 (12/22/2017), 48 Pa.B. 222 (1/13/2018), amending 204 Pa.Code § 29.351.

[Note: These changes were required by Acts 40 and 44 of 2017.]

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