Enforcing Structured Settlement for Minor

Under the Pa. Structured Settlement Protection Act, 40 P.S. §§ 4001-4009, courts are required to supervise all aspects of settlements in which a minor is a party in interest, and an assignment of annuities issued as part of a structured settlement requires the approval of the court that approved the structured settlement. An order by the Orphans’ Court that approved the structured settlement for a minor to consolidate actions in other counties regarding the assignment of annuities issued as part of the settlement, and directing that all annuity payments be made to the court pending a determination of the validity of the assignments, was not an an injunction and was neither a final appealable order nor an appealable order regarding an injunction. Barber v. Stanko, 2021 PA Super 97 (5/14/2021), quashing appeal of, 11 Fid.Rep.3d 11 (Allegheny O.C. 2021).

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