Public Access Local Rule Updates

Counties have begun updating their local rules to conform to the amendments of Pa.R.O.C.P 1.99 and the Case Records Public Access Policy of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania to require the use of the confidential information form and eliminate the option of filing redacted copies of pleadings. The following are the first three to have published changes to their local rules affecting the Orphans’ Court.

“Rule of Judicial Administration of the Court of Common Pleas; No. AD-2021-255-PJ,” (Allegheny C.P. 12/14/2021), 52 Pa.B. 13 (1/1/2022).

“Rescission of Local Rule of Orphans’ Court 1.99A. Confidential Information and Confidential Documents. Certification.; No. [sic],” (Montgomery O.C. 12/14/2021), 25 Pa.B. 15 (1/1/2022).

“Public Access to Case Records in the Court of Common Pleas; No. 2021-1,” (Washington C.P. 12/14/2021), 52 Pa.B. 16 (1/1/2022).

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