Rule 10.5 Amended to Require Notice upon Change of Personal Representative

Pa.R.O.C.P. 10.5 has been amended to require that a notice of estate administration be given upon the grant of letters and whenever there is a change in personal representatives, including changes due to the death or resignation of a personal representative. “In re: Order Amending Rule 10.5 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Orphans’ Court Procedure; No. 901 Supreme Court Rules Docket,” (1/12/2022), 52 Pa.B. 684 (1/29/2022).

[DBE Comment: The amended rule as adopted is different in several respects from the amendment as originally proposed, and some of the changes appear to be the result of comments that were submitted to the Procedural Rules Committee. See “Comments to Proposed Amendment to Pa.O.C. Rule 10.5(a).”]

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