Unofficial Inflation Adjustments for 2020

With the release of the Chained Consumer Price Index (C-CPI-U) for August 2019, it’s possible to calculate various inflation adjustments for 2020. The following are the significant federal estate planning numbers, with the numbers for 2019 shown in parentheses: The … Continue reading

Webcalculators Released

As of September 1, 2019, Webcalculators (, my on-line service that works in any browser and provides authoritative analyses of estate and trust, tax, and financial planning techniques and options, has moved out of testing and has been released on a subscription … Continue reading

Delaware County Adds New O.C. Rules

In two separate orders, Delaware County has adopted several new local Orphans’ Court rules addressing guardianships, cemetery companies, and settlement of small estates. “Local Orphans’ Court Rules Nos. 14.2—14.13; Guardianships; Orphans’ Court No. 497-19; Judicial Support Civil No. 17-5120” (Delaware … Continue reading