Pennsylvania Income Tax Returns for Revocable Trusts after the Settlor’s Death

IRC section 645 allows an election to treat a revocable trust as part of the estate of the settlor for income tax purposes, which allows revocable trusts to file income tax returns as estates following the death of the settlor...

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Public Access Policy Amendments

The Supreme Court has entered an order with attached amended public access policy (and explanatory report) that amends the public access policy for courts of record.  The main purpose of the amendments is to include magisterial district courts within the public … Continue reading

Trust Fraud Decision to be Reargued En Banc

The decision of the Superior Court in Passarelli Family Trust, 2017 PA Super 366 (11/16/2017), which reversed the Orphans’ Court decision published at 7 Fid.Rep.3d 63 (O.C. Chester Co. 2016), has been withdrawn and the case will scheduled for reargument en banc.   3150 EDA … Continue reading