Unjust Enrichment Claim Barred in Part by Four Year Statute of Limitations

A health care worker’s claim for services to the decedent was properly dismissed by summary judgment when the plaintiff admitted that there was no express contract for services and the history of payments by the decedent and the decedent’s agent … Continue reading

Proposed Amendments to Forms RW-02 and RW-07

The Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee is considering changes to Forms RW-02 (Petition for Grant of Letters) and RW-07 (Notice of Estate Administration). The petition for grant of letters would be revised to clarify that whether the decedent was the … Continue reading

Official Inflation Adjustments for 2024

The Internal Revenue Service has released Rev. Proc. 2023-34, 2023-48 IRB ___ (11/24/2023), with inflation adjustments for 2023 and, consistent with earlier predictions (with two exceptions), the changes in the most significant federal estate and trust planning numbers will be as follows: The … Continue reading