Amendments to Rule 5.50 for Small Estate Petitions

The Supreme Court has amended Pa.R.O.C.P. 5.50, “Settlement of Small Estates by Petition,” to accommodate situations in which the original will has been lodged with the Register or a copy of a will is being admitted to probate, and situations in which it is not yet possible to file an inheritance tax return or pay the full amount of inheritance tax. The rule has also been amended to specify the manner of service of notice of the petition. The amendment is effective on July 1, 2024. “Order Amending Rule 5.50 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Orphans’ Court Procedure,” No. 895 S.C. Rules Doc. (5/2/2024), 54 Pa.B. 2735 (5/18/2024) (report of the Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee is included with the order).

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