Revised Realty Transfer Tax Form

The Realty Transfer Tax Statement of Value, Form REV-183 EX, has been revised somewhat, bears the revision date “10-14,” and is now available for download through the Pa. Department of Revenue.

Changes include the following:

  • The explanations at the top of the form have been revised slightly, and now say that a Statement of Value is recommended even when not required.
  • The space for the date of the acceptance of the document has been moved, probably to make it more visible.
  • Under valuation data, the form asks if the transaction was part of “an assignment or relocation.”  (The instructions says that the question is whether the document “represents two or more transactions accomplished by an assignment of the agreement of sale or by the use of a relocation arrangement.”)
  • Under exemption data, the form now asks for both the grantor’s percentage ownership in the property and the percentage of the grantor’s interest being conveyed.  (The form had previously asked only for the percentage of interest conveyed, which may have caused confusion when the grantor did not own 100% of the property.)
  • Among the exemptions that can be checked off, transfers to an industrial development agency have been deleted, and transfers from a trust has been added.  The section for transfers from a trust asked for the date the property was transferred into the trust, as well as a copy of the trust document(s).

The instructions on the reverse side have been revised to reflect the changes above, along with some changes that seem editorial.

Regulations for the Pennsylvania realty transfer tax can be found at 61 Pa.Code Ch. 91.

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