Vacating Local Orphans’ Court Rules

After entering an order adopting new Orphans’ Court rules, generally effective September 1, 2016 (see In re: Order Rescinding and Replacing Rules 1.1 through 13.3 and Rule 17, and Amendment Rules 14.1 through 16.12 of the Pennsylvania Orphans Court Rules, No. 682 Supreme Court Rules Docket (12/1/2015), 45 Pa.B. 7098 (12/19/2015)), the Supreme Court entered an order directing that local rules for which there is a “continued necessity” should be submitted to the Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee for review no later than June 1, 2016.

Local rules that are not reviewed and adopted under new Pa.O.C. Rule 1.5 shall be vacated effective September 1, 2016.

Review and Vacatur of Local Orphans’ Court Rules, No. 683 Supreme Court Rules Docket (12/1/2015), 45 Pa.B. 7126 (12/19/2015).

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