Lawyer Registration Fee Changes

The Supreme Court has adopted amendments to the Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement that will reduce the annual registration fee for active lawyers from $125 to $120, but increase the annual fee that goes to the Lawyers Fund for Client Security from $45 to $75.  The annual fee for inactive lawyers will also increase, from $70 to $100.  Amendment of Rules 219(a) and (j) and 502(b) of the Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement, No. 149 Disciplinary Rules Doc. (2/15/2017), 47 Pa.B. 1276 (3/4/2017).

Note:  The two fees have added up to $170, and yet lawyers have been required to pay $200 each year.  The third fee that is collected each year is an annual fee of $30 for the IOLTA Board under Rule of Professional Conduct 1.15(u).  With the $5 decrease in the annual registration fee and the $30 increase in the Client Security fee, the new annual total should be $225.

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