Changes to Annual Attorney Registration

The Supreme Court has amended the Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement to shorten the times for penalties after the annual due date for attorney registration.

Attorney registrations are due July 1, and a nonwaivable penalty had been imposed for registrations not received by July 31, with an additional penalty imposed on attorneys who fail to register by August 31.

Because on-line registration has made it easier for attorneys to comply with the annual registration deadline, and that attorneys are sent reminders by email, the Disciplinary Board had proposed moving up the late registration dates from July 31 to July 16, and from August 31 to August 1. See, “Proposed Amendments to the Pennsylvania Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement Relating to Annual Registration of Attorneys,” 48 Pa.B. 6784 (10/27/2018).

The Supreme Court has now adopted those changes.

“Amendment of Rule 219 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement; No. 175 Disciplinary Rules Doc.,” 49 Pa.B. 1020 (3/9/2019).

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