Trust not Voided for Fraud in Inducement

Failure to list property addresses in the schedule to an irrevocable trust was not sufficient evidence of fraud in the inducement to void the trust when the corporate owners of the properties were listed and were accurately valued, there being no duty to disclose every individual asset of the corporations.  Passarelli Family Trust, 2019 PA Super 95 (3/28/2019) (en banc), rev’g 7 Fid.Rep.3d 63 (O.C. Chester Co. 2016). (The previous decision of a three-judge panel, 2017 PA Super 366 (11/16/2017), was withdrawn and en banc rearg. granted3150 EDA 2016 (1/12/2018).)

Update: An appeal was allowed by the Supreme Court,  235 MAL 2019 (9/11/2019), and the Supreme Court has affirmed, ___ A.3d ___, 71 MAP 2019 (Pa. 12/22/2020).

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