Webcalculators Released

As of September 1, 2019, Webcalculators (wcalcs.com), my on-line service that works in any browser and provides authoritative analyses of estate and trust, tax, and financial planning techniques and options, has moved out of testing and has been released on a subscription basis.

The new subscription price is $198 to use all 23 of the current estate and trust, tax, and financial planning calculator services of Webcalculators for one year.  For those who registered to use the beta version of Webcalculators before September 1, Webcalculators services will continue to be free for three months, until December 1, 2019.

For overviews of some of the Webcalculators, click on “Resource Types” in the menu bar, and select “Overview.”

For users who have registered (or will register) for Webcalculators and do not pay the subscription price, the following calculators will be available:

  • Life estate, remainder, annuity, and unitrust factors that are found in (or can be derived from) actuarial tables published by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Interest calculations for federal (and Pennsylvania) underpayments (or overpayments) of tax.
  • Calculations of weighted average maturities for purposes of IRC § 1274.

More than 40 additional calculators are already under development for either paid subscribers or free registrants, and my goal is to add all of those new calculators within the next 12 months.

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