CLE Requirements Deferred or Relaxed

Two changes have been made to the continuing legal education (CLE) requirements in Pennsylvania due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. The Group 1 CLE compliance deadline, which would ordinarily be April 30, has been deferred to August 31. “Order Modifying § 4 of the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board Regulations; No. 832 Supreme Court Rules Doc.” (3/19/2020), 50 Pa.B. 2077 (4/18/2020).
  2. The 6 hour limit on the number of hours of CLE that may be “distance learning” (e.g., on-line CLE) has been waived for compliance deadlines in the year 2020, and all 12 required CLE hours may be obtained through distance learning programs. “In re: Order Temporarily Modifying Pennsylvania Rule of Continuing Legal Education 108(e); No. 836 Supreme Court Rules Doc.” (4/15/2020), 50 Pa.B. 2174 (4/25/2020).

As previously reported, the administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts has a web page (“UJS Coronavirus Information“) that collects all statewide, appellate, and local court orders relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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