Lackawanna Co. Rules for ACT and Motion Procedure

Lackawanna County has adopted a new Lacka.Co.R.C.P. 175 for the use of “Advanced Communication Technology” (e.g., videoconferencing), and has amended Rule 208.3(a) on motion procedure, both of which may affect Orphans’ Court practice. “Adoption of Lacka.Co.R.C.P. 175 and Amendments to Lacka.Co.R.C.P. 208.3(a), 211(c), 214(e), 214.2(a) and (c), 1028(c), 1034(a), 1035.2(a) and 4000.1(a) Governing the Use of Advanced Communication Technology (ACT) in Civil Proceedings; No. 23 CV 1” (1/12/2023), 53 Pa.B. 611 (1/28/2023).

[Note: The Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee has proposed a new Pa.R.O.C.P. 1.20 that would allow the Orphans’ Court to conduct proceedings using “advanced communication technology.” See  “Proposed Adoption of Pa.R.O.C.P. 1.20,” 51 Pa.B. 7442 (12/4/2021).]

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