Contempt Affirmed over Situs Dispute

The imposition of sanctions for contempt is an appealable order, and the Orphans’ Court did not abuse its discretion in holding the beneficiaries of a trust in contempt, and imposing the payment of the trustee’s legal fees as sanctions, when the court had enjoined all parties from transferring or distributing any trust assets and the beneficiaries had filed an action in California (where the trust was created and initially administered) seeking to terminate the trust and distribute all its assets. In re: Dille Family Trust, 853 WDA 2021 (Pa. Super. 9/11/2023) (non-precedential).

[The merits of the dispute over the situs of the trust was addressed in a later opinion, 96 WDA 2022 and 97 WDA 2022 (Pa. Super. 9/19/2023) (non-precedential), which was summarized in “Choice of Law for Administration of Trust.” A later opinion also denied the beneficiaries the power to change the situs while the litigation was pending, “Situs of Trust Was Not Effectively Changed by Beneficiaries,” summarizing  26 WDA 2023 (Pa. Super. 5/16/2024) (non-precedential). Another later opinion involving this trust is “Denial of Expanded Intervention Was Abuse of Discretion,” summarizing 1326 WDA 2022 (Pa. Super. 5/16/2024) (non-precedential).]

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