Corrections to “Proposed Regulations on Administration Expenses and Excess Deductions”

The article “Proposed Regulations on Administration Expenses and Excess Deductions” contained some errors or omissions that have now been corrected. The article originally stated that the calculation of different kinds of excess deductions was not clear, and suggested that the … Continue reading

Proposed Regulations on Administration Expenses and Excess Deductions

[9/28/2020 Update: Final regulations have been adopted and a section has been added at the end of this article briefly describing the few differences between the proposed and final regulations.] The Internal Revenue Service has published proposed regulations on the...

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IRS Defers Due Dates for Time-Sensitive Actions

We previously reported that Notice 2020-23 defers until July 15, 2020, the filing certain tax returns and making tax payments, as well as the time for completing certain “time-sensitive actions,” that would otherwise be required on or after April 1, … Continue reading

IRS Defers More Tax Returns and Payments

Notice 2020-23, 2020-18 I.R.B. 748 (4/27/2020), defers the due dates for more federal tax returns and tax payments until July 15, as well as certain “time-sensitive actions.” The deferral applies to the tax returns and payments described below that are … Continue reading