How to Probate a Will in Pennsylvania

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Registers of Wills in Pennsylvania

HTML Version Copyright 1995- Daniel B. Evans. All rights reserved. (Last updated 6/8/2016) The Register of Wills of each county in Pennsylvania is responsible for the probate of wills and the grant of letters testamentary or letters of administration to the personal representatives (executor or administrator) … Continue reading

What is the Inheritance Tax Rate on the Inheritance Tax?

Generally speaking, the Pennsylvania inheritance tax is applied to the pre-tax estate and not the estate after payment of the tax, and the pre-residuary gifts is paid from the residue. The Commonwealth Court has held that, when the residue is depleted by the tax on pre-residuary gifts, the tax rate to apply to the residue is the same rate that applies to the pre-residuary gifts, and the same rationale could apply to estate in which the residue is not depleted by the tax.

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