New Orphans’ Court Rules

The Supreme Court has entered an order adopting new Orphans’ Court rules, generally effective September 1, 2016.  In re: Order Rescinding and Replacing Rules 1.1 through 13.3 and Rule 17, and Amendment Rules 14.1 through 16.12 of the Pennsylvania Orphans Court Rules, No. 682 Supreme Court Rules Docket (12/1/2015), 45 Pa.B. 7098 (12/19/2015).

The Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee Report, summarizing and explaining the rules, states that in response to some of the comments that were received some revisions were made to the rules as originally proposed, but it is not immediately apparent which of the proposed rules were revised.  [Update: An unofficial copy of a comparison between the proposed rules and the final rules can be found here.]

We hope to provide some commentary on the new rules in the near future.

[Update (12/15/14): On 12/14/2015, the Supreme Court entered an amended order, the purpose of which was reportedly to correct the underlining and brackets for some additions and deletions to Chapter 14 (incapacitated persons) and Chapter 16 (abortion control).]

[Update: The Supreme Court entered a later order regarding the review of local rules for which there is a “continued necessity.”]

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