Executors Surcharged for Self-Dealing and Mismanagement

Executors surcharged for sale of estate property to a son of one executor, for expenses paid to the purchaser of the property for “cleanup” of the property 20 days before the sale, for distributions of automobiles contrary to the provisions of the will, for the value of assets shown on the inheritance tax return but not the account, for a discrepancy between the difference between the amounts shown as receipts and disbursements in the account and the amounts actually distributed, and for executor commissions paid in the face of acts of self-dealing, but surcharges denied for payments for utilities after decedent’s death, for a partial payment on a debt for which the decedent co-signed, and for distributions of personal property in the absence of evidence as to the nature and value of the property distributed.  Attorney fees for the objectant were not awarded, and removal of executors was denied.  Rehrig Estate, 6 Fid.Rep.3d 13 (O.C. Northampt. 2015).

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