Webcalculators SECURE Act Update

The Required Minimum Distribution Webcalculator has been updated to incorporate the changes made by the SECURE Act (Division O of P.L. 116-94).


  • The required beginning age for lifetime distributions has been changed from 70-1/2 to 72 for persons who were not 70-1/2 before 2020.
  • For post-death distributions, the types of designated beneficiaries that can be selected now include “Minor child,” “Eligible” (meaning an eligible designated beneficiary other than a minor child), and “Other” (meaning a designated beneficiary other than an eligible designated beneficiary).
    • Distribution projections for “Minor child” are based on the child’s remaining life expectancy until age 21 (the assumed age of majority), with no additional required distributions until 10 years later, when the entire account must be distributed.
    • Distributions to “Eligible” beneficiaries are based on the beneficiary’s remaining life expectancy.
    • Distributions to “Other” designated beneficiaries must be completed within 10 years.
  • The Overview and Details files have been updated to explain these changes.

For a more complete analysis of minimum required distributions, see “New (and Old) Minimum Required Distribution Rules Summarized.”

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