Revised Public Access Policy

The Supreme Court has issued an order adopting a revised public access policy for Pennsylvania courts, including the Orphans’ Court. Included with the order is an explanatory report.

These revised policy include two significant changes:

  • The rules had previously made exceptions for confidential information or documents that were required to be included in pleadings or other documents because of statutes or other “applicable authority.” The rules now require that all confidential information and documents be safeguarded in the same way regardless of applicable authority.
  • A certification of compliance is no longer required to be included as a separate page of the filing, but may be part of an electronic filing process, part of a cover page or other form, or included in the body of the pleading or other filing.

The revised rules will be effective in thirty days.

“In re: Order Amending Case Records Public Access Policy of the Unified Judicial System,” No 538 Judicial Administration Doc. (9/15/2020); 59 Pa.B. 5216 (9/26/2020).

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