Proposed Amendments to Forms RW-02 and RW-07

The Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee is considering changes to Forms RW-02 (Petition for Grant of Letters) and RW-07 (Notice of Estate Administration). The petition for grant of letters would be revised to clarify that whether the decedent was the victim of a killing or was adjudicated incapacitated should be reported whether those events took place before or after the execution of the will, and to add a checkbox when letters are requested for litigation purposes and there are currently no assets. In addition to some formatting or stylistic changes, the notice of estate administration would be changed to advise the recipient that “you may have a beneficial interest in the estate” without any attempt to describe what that interest might be. “Proposed Rescission and Replacement of Register of Wills Forms RW-02 and RW-07,” 53 Pa.B. 7156 (11/18/2023).

Comments may be submitted to the committee by email (preferred) or mail by January 18, 2024.

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