Appeals Quashed and Sanctions Imposed

Appeals were quashed of two orders which (1) overruled preliminary objections to two petitions seeking to void two amendments to a revocable trust, (2) denied motions for judgment on the pleadings, (3) denied a motion for production of electronic information, (4) denied a motion to quash a party’s subpoenas to a law firm, and (5) granted a petition to join in the petition previously filed, because the orders were not final orders or otherwise appealable. Because the arguments of the appellants were frivolous, a previous appeal by the same appellants had been quashed for the same reasons, and a concurring opinion had warned the appellants’ counsel of the “potential for disciplinary action,” sanctions were imposed. In re: Shirley Weinberg Revocable Trust Dated January 27, 2011, 88 WDA 2023 (Pa. Super. 3/27/2024) (non-precedential).

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