Franklin and Fulton O.C. Rules Adopted and Rescinded

The 39th Judicial District, covering both Franklin and Fulton Counties, has adopted a new local O.C. Rule 14.8.1, establishing a form of guardian acknowledgement of duties and liabilities, and rescinding local rules 39-2.6 (time for filing accounts), 39-2.7 (time for filing objections), 39-14.2 (adjudication of incompetency), 39-15.1 (practice and procedure), 39-15.5.4 (involuntary termination), 39-15.5.5 (adoption), 39-15.5.8 (confirmation of consents), 39-15.5.9 (compliance with Act 101 of 2010), and 39-16 (forms). “Adoption of 39th Jud.Dist.O.C. Rule 14.8.1 and Rescission of Other Orphans’ Court Rules; Administrative Order re: AD: 20-2024,” 54 Pa.B. 2221 (4/27/2024).

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