New Guardianship Tracking System Rule

The Supreme Court has entered an order adopting a new Rule 510 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Judicial Administration that implements a new statewide electronic filing and tracking system for reports and inventories of guardians of adult incapacitated persons.  “In re: Adoption of Rule 510 of the Rules of Judicial Administration and Amendment of 204 Pa.Code §207.3,” No. 501 Judicial Administration Doc. (8/31/2018), 48 Pa.B. 5714 (9/15/2018).  (204 Pa.Code §207.3 relates to online payment fees and it has been amended to include filings made through the tracking system.)

The new rule specifically provides that filing under the new tracking system satisfies the reporting requirements of Pa.O.C. Rule 14.8, which refers to inventories and reports to be filed with the Clerk of the Orphans’ Court.

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