Proposed Changes in Rules Terminology

The Supreme Court is considering changes to several procedural rules, including Pa.R.J.A. 103 (the procedures for adopting, filing, and publishing rules) and Pa. O.C. Rule 1.1 (short title and citation to the Orphans’ Court Rules).

The stated purpose of the proposed rules is to provide greater uniformity and consistency in the styles and terminology applicable to rules.

The title of Orphans’ Court rules would be changed from “Pennsylvania Orphans’ Court Rules” to “Pennsylvania Rules of Orphans’ Court Procedure,” and the citation changed from “Pa.O.C. Rule” to “Pa.R.O.C.P.” in order to be more consistent with the titles and citations to the Rules of Civil Procedure and Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Comments, suggestions, or objections should be submitted to the Supreme Court Rules Committee by November 15, 2019.

“Proposed Amendments of Pa.R.J.A. Nos. 101 and 103, Pa.R.C.P. Nos. 51 and 129, Pa.R.C.P.M.D.J. No. 201, and Pa. O.C. Rule 1.1,” 49 Pa.B. 4809 (8/24/2019).

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