New URL for Pa. Bulletin and Code

For some reason, the web addresses (also known as “uniform resource locators” or “URLs”) of the on-line versions of the Pa. Bulletin and the Pa. Code (regulations) have changed. The Pa. Bulletin had been “” and the Pa. Code had been “”, but they are now both found at “”.

Evans Estate Law Resources has always worked to provide links to original source materials, so that practitioners can check original sources and be assured of seeing authentic materials. This kind of change in URLs is therefore of concern because it “breaks” all of the links constructed over the years.

The links to the Pa. Bulletin still seem to work, so there is currently some kind of redirection in place, but it’s not known how long they will work, and so efforts will be made to update the links.

The old links to the Pa. Code do not seem to work, so priority will be given to updating those links first.

Our apologies for any inconvenience that may result from this transition.

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