Checking Status of Inheritance Tax Returns

There is now a page on the Department of Revenue “Pennsylvania Tax Hub” website ( where you can find the status of an inheritance tax return that has been filed, based on the decedent’s social security number and last name. From the home page, ignore the login box and scroll down to click on “Track My Inheritance Tax Return” in the lower left corner of the home page.

There seem to be only three responses:

  1. That no return has been received
  2. That a return has been received but has not yet been processed (which they say could take six months).
  3. That a return has been received and has been processed (meaning that a notice of appraisement has been issued or is about to be issued).

This could be useful in confirming that a return was received, and whether or not it has been reviewed.

[Updated 3/6/2024 to correct link.]

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