Webcalculators Domain Change

As previously announced, I’ve created an on-line service that provides specialized calculators for estate and tax planning issues.  Although the service is still known as Webcalculators, the domain has been changed to wcalcs.com.  Previous links and references to the service on this website have been updated to reflect that change.

Currently, the following calculators are available:

  • Benefit/Cost of Gifts of Appreciating Property
  • Benefit/Cost of Grantor Trusts
  • Gift Tax on Net-Net Gifts
  • Income Tax on Estates and Trusts
  • Income Tax Changes for Individuals in 2018
  • Estate Tax Savings through Credit Exclusion Gifts
  • Required Minimum  Distributions
  • Annuity Factors
  • Income (Life Estate) and Remainder Factors
  • Value of  Income and ‘5 & 5’ Power
  • Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax
  • Interest on Federal Taxes
  • Interest on Pennsylvania Taxes

For additional information about these calculators, see Webcalculators at http://wcalcs.com.


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